The Legend of Robin Hood

computer adventure game

Designed, directed and written by Christy Marx.

cover of Robin Hood game

King Richard is held hostage in Vienna and Prince John is perfectly happy to leave it that way. But you, as Robin Hood, through your unmatched skill with the bow, cleverness with disguise, and with the help of your outlaw band and Maid Marian, can raise the ransom needed to bring your King home.

EXCITING NEWS! The classic game site, GOG.COM, is making Conquests of the Longbow available to play again. Better yet, if you will kindly use this link to go to to purchase the game, you will also help me, as the creator, to benefit. Enjoy!

Sorry, I don't have copies of the game to sell and don't know where to find any (try eBay or game forums).

Longbow easter eggs are listed at

I've scanned key pages from the hint book. These are links to graphics of the following pages:

hint book cover


Druid Trees


The Hand Code

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