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"Here I am at last about to spend a night at the Mont. The dream of years is fulfilled. It is a perfect evening; the tide is high, and comes some 20 feet up the street. In addition the stars are out most beautifully, and the moon is, they say, just about to rise. The phosphorescence in the water interests me especially: I have only seen it once or twice before, and never so well as tonight. The whole sea, when oars are dipped into it, seems to blaze, for several feet around."

T. E. Lawrence
excerpt from letter to his mother
26 August 1907, Le Mont St Michel


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Writing is seen as a solitary career, but none of us write in a vacuum. Long before readers there are colleagues, friends, and those writers who inspire us. As much as he would have deplored such a thing, one of my major inspirations is T. E. Lawrence. The sense of humanity, modesty, and genius at a great many things including writing, put him at the top of my personal list of role models. Even his shyness, especially after Arabia, is admirable. Unfortunately the very act of having a website, much less a LiveJournal, puts me beyond The Pale on that count. Then again, perhaps in today's world, a LiveJournal is the equivalent of his inveterate letter writing.


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